Mt. Huangshan & Yangtze River Cruise 14 Days


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Day 01  USA   Shanghai

Take a deluxe flight to Shanghai with meals on board and new movies provided, and across the international date line.

Day 02 Shanghai

Arrive Shanghai, the largest commercial and financial center of China, in late afternoon, met by 3L tour guide for transfer to the hotel.


Day 03 Shanghai   Mt.  Huangshan

Stroll the Bund (Wai Tan) waterfront area, a sweeping area along the Huangpu River, which became the center of Shanghaiís foreign business establishment and the symbol of Shanghaiís identity as a modern city. Here is a good place to capture the western influence of the old days. Then visit the famous Yuyuan Garden, Jade Buddha Temple. Fly to Mt. Huangshan in the afternoon. Mt. Huangshan is the most famous mountain in China, it is recognized by UNESCO as the rich heritage of mankind. It has been famous for thousands of years for its unique pine trees, stones of strange shapes, the sea of clouds, and hot springs.


Day 04  Mt. Huangshan

Take a cable car to the top of the mountain.  Explore the famous peaks such as the Lotus Flower Peak, the Tip of a Magic Writing Brush, and Beginning to Believe Peak etc.  Lotus Flower Peak is the highest Peak with an elevation of 6,138 feet. Famous pines such as the "Flying Dragon" and the "Twin Dragons" are found there. From the summit the neighboring peaks look dwarfed and in the distance the whole scene gradually merges into one shade of color. Rising out of the profusion of trees and flowers, Tip of a Magic Writing Brush is a pillar of stone tapering into a sharp point on which stands a twisted old pine. People metaphorically describe it as the "Tip of a Magic Writing Brush," that is, a brush painting all the lovely scenes of Mt. Huangshan. Unlike other peaks, Beginning to Believe Peak is small and dainty but has a charm of its own. It is noted for its gorgeous greenery and quaint rock shapes. The beauty of Mt. Huangshan is so captivating that one can't help feeling as if one has stepped into a Chinese landscape paining shouting, "Now I believe." Stay overnight at the hotel on top of the mountain. 


Day 05  Mt. Huangshan   Wuhan

Rise early to catch the breath-taking view of the sun rising from the horizon with mountain peaks shrouded in the sea of clouds. Continue the excursion on the Mt. Huangshan. Descend by cable car, tour the old town of Tunxi, then fly to Wuhan.


Day 06  Wuhan   Three Gorges 

Visit the Yellow Crane Pavilion, you will have a birdís eye view of  Wuhan City and the Yangtze River. Then visit the Provincial Museum. Board the deluxe Yangtze cruiser after dinner and start the venture tour on the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River rises in Qinghai and Tibet Plateau and flows through eight provinces before disgorging its waters into the sea. It leaps great rapids, feeds and drains great lakes and marshes, with over 700 tributaries joining the Yangtze on its course. It cuts through mountains and cliffs, creating the fantastic Three Gorges scenery. With a rich Chinese cultural heritage of thousands of years, the Three Gorges is not only a picturesque natural gallery, but also a spectacular treasure house.

Day 07  Yangtze River

The cruiser will pass by Chibi   an ancient battlefield, Yueyang   a Pearl on Lake Dongting, Jingzhou   one of the nine states of the ancient times, then arrives the first gorge   Xiling Gorge, which is the most dangerous Gorge with shoals.

Day 08 Yangtze River

Today the cruiser will go through two dams, the Gezhou Dam which is the largest dam so far on the river and the Three Gorges Dam, which is to be built the largest in the world.

Sail through Xiling Gorge and Wu Gorge.


Day 09 Yangtze River

Enjoy Wu Gorge, which is characterized by beautiful peaks and steep cliffs on either side, it is famous for its tortuous course and fog that offers dim and indistinct beauty. The twelve peaks of Mt. Wushan make up a most spectacular scene, among them the Fairy Peak is most enhancing. At Daning River you will change onto a small boat to go up stream along the Three Lessor Gorges to enjoy the wonderful view and see the Hanging Coffin on the cliffs.


Day 10 Yangtze River

Go through Qutang Gorge which is the most magnificent of all with majestic scenery of grand mountains soaring into the sky. Here you will see thousands of grotesque crags darkening the daylight with only a narrow opening up and the thundering river rolling by vigorously, just the thousands of horses galloping ahead irascibly. Kuimen, the entrance of the gorge, has been marveled at as the most dangerous pass of the world. Shore excursion to Fengdu   the  Ghost City .


Day 11  Three Gorges   Chongqing   Guiyang

This morning your cruise will come to an end at Chongqing   the mountain city with the history of 3,000 years. Visit the Eling Park, Panda House,  enjoy the famous Sichuan Hot Pot Lunch, and then take overnight soft-sleeper train to Guiyang.

Day 12 Guiyang

Arrive in Guiyang in the morning. Visit the Jiaxiu pavilion, then take a bus ride to Anshun, sightseeing the famous Huangguoshu Falls, one of the biggest falls in China, 316 feet high and 346 feet wide. Water pours down a cliff into the Rhinoceros Pool. Sunlight is diffracted through the drops of water, producing glorious rainbows. There is a natural cave behind the waterfall, 131 feet above the Rihinoceros Pool. Standing inside and watching the water pouring down is an unforgettable sight. Around the Huangguoshu are 18 smaller falls and 30 karst caves.††


Day 13 Guiyang   Shanghai

Sightseeing the Qianling Park, Hongfeng Lake in the morning. Hongfeng Lake, the national key scenery spot, is generalized with mountains, waters, caves and forests scenery as a whole scenery. Comparing with other scenery spots, it embodies more multiple cube-united scenes such as mountains linking lakes, the lakes having island, also some islands having caves, or some caves having lakes , mixed together within each other. In addition, the minority of Dong and Buyiís Mountain Village are along the hills and by the waters, and the deep and emotional national performance will show you their traditions, customs, and hospitality. Fly to Shanghai in the afternoon.

Day 14 Shanghai   USA

Tour guide will transfer you to the airport and home your sweet home.



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