China Highlight 16 Days


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Day 01 USA  Beijing

Fly to Beijing on deluxe wide-bodied jet plane, cross the international date line.


Day 02 Beijing

Arrive in Beijing in late afternoon, transfer to your hotel, unpack, rest up after dinner.

Day 03 Beijing

Beijing, the capital of China, served as the capital of 5 dynasties over a period of 800 years with each emperor identified as a dragon sent from the heaven. The highlight today is to thrill at the Great Wall, one of the two man-made structures on Earth that can be observed from the moon. Then take a walk on the Sacred Path to the Ming Tombs and visit the famous Beijing Cloisonne Factory. Enjoy Peking Roast Duck dinner in the evening.


Day 04 Beijing   Chengde

After breakfast take a bus to Chengde, an imperial resort area in 18th century. After arrival visit the Imperial Summer Villa, and the Eight Outer Temples including the Puning Temple.


Day 05 Chengde   Beijing

Before leaving, visit the Putuozongsheng Temple, the largest temple in Chengde. It is a mini-facsimile of Lhasaís Potala. Take bus back to Beijing after lunch, visit the Forbidden City. This complex, the largest and most intact conglomeration of ancient structures of the imperial palace ever built in the world, features more than 800 buildings with 9999 rooms, resplendent golden-glazed roofs, red lacquered pillars and vermilion walls. Afterwards, visit the Tiananmen Square, the largest square in the world. You will attend a China Acrobatic Show in the evening.


yg.jpg (12075 bytes)Day 06 Beijing   Datong

After breakfast, visit the Summer Palace, the famous resort of Empress Dowager Ci Xi. Feast your eyes on the Long Corridor, Longevity Hill, and Kunming Lake, and then tour to the Temple of Heaven, where the emperors used to pray for good harvest. After dinner take soft-sleeper overnight train to Datong.


Day 07 Datong   Mt. Wutai Shan

Arrive at Datong in the morning. After breakfast, visit the Yungang Buddhist Caves, which is among the unsung wonders of China's history-soaked heritage. The caves are cut into the southern cliffs of the Mt. Wuzhoushan, and contain over 50,000 statures and stretch for about a kilometer east to west. From the 56-foot Seated Buddha to tiny figures just a few centimeters tall, every wall and archway is crammed with carvings, including serial-type representations of scenes from Buddhist mythology and the lives of famous monks.  After sightseeing the Huayan Monastery, take bus to Mt. Wutai Shan, one of Chinaís sacred Buddhist mountain areas.

Day 08 Mt. Wutai Shan

Whole day sightseeing at the mountain area, visit the Wanfo Temple, Tayuan Temple, Xiantong Temple, Pusa Peak, Dailuo Peak, Puhua Temple, Bishan Temple and etc.


Day 09 Mt. Wutai Shan   Taiyuan

After breakfast take bus to Taiyuan, upon arrival sightseeing the Jinci Temple, then visit the Chongshan Monastery and Twin Pagoda Temple.

Day 10 Taiyuan   Pingyao  Luoyang

Take bus to Pingyao Ancient Town in the morning, visit the compound of Family Qiao, which is the model of residential compound of Shanxi Province. After dinner take soft-sleeper overnight train to Luoyang.


Day 11 Luoyang

Arrive in Luoyang in the morning, sightseeing the Peony Garden, Longmen Caves. The caves of Luoyang, Dunhuang and Datong represent the peak of Buddhist cave art. Longmen Caves were built in the Wei Dynasty with 2,600 caves left over there, 10,000 statues and 3,200 stone tablet carving, and is famous for the great daring, deep content and exquisite carving. Visit the Ancestor Worshipping Temple, the largest structure at Longmen and contains the best works of art.


Day 12 Luoyang

Sightseeing the White Horse Temple, which was the first Buddhist temple constructed on Chinese soil. Then take bus to Mt. Songshan, visit the Shaolin Monastery, which is known as   Kungfu under heaven comes out of Shaolin  


Day 13 Luoyang   Xian

Sightseeing the Xiaolangdi Dam on the Yellow River.  After lunch, take train to Xian, the city where eleven dynasties in the history once took as the capital.


Day 14 Xian

Sightseeing the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, which is recognized by UNESCO as the eighth wonder of the world, then visit the 8000-year-old Neolithic Site at Banpo. Enjoy the Tang Dynasty show in the evening.


Day 15 Xian   Beijing

Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower, Ancient City Walls and Gates. Fly to Beijing in late afternoon.

Day 16 Beijing   USA

Transfer to the airport and home your sweet home.



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