Mountain and River Tour 14 Days


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Day 01  USA   Shanghai

Fly to Shanghai on deluxe wide-bodied jet plane, cross the international date line.


Day 02  Shanghai

Arrive in Shanghai in the late afternoon, met by 3L tour guide. Then transfer to your hotel, unpack, and rest up after dinner.


Day 03  Shanghai   Zhangjiajie

Stroll the Bund (Wai Tan) waterfront area, a sweeping area along the Huangpu River, which became the center of Shanghais foreign business establishment and the symbol of Shanghais identity as a modern city. Here is a good place to capture the western influence of the old days. Then visit the famous Yuyuan Garden, Jade Buddha Temple. Fly to Zhangjiajie in late afternoon, which is situated nearly 600m above sea level in the Wuling foothills, surrounded by sheer cliffs and vertical rock outcrops.


Day 04  Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is a mysterious piece of land where more than 20 nationalities have been laboring, dwelling, and multiplying among the fascinating hills and waters, breeding graceful dances and beautiful songs with extreme characteristics of nationalism that reveal fantastic local customs and folk habits. The first days highlight are the Zhangjiajie Forest Reserve, Natural Reserves of Suoxi Gully, Huanglong Cave, and Natural Gallery of Ten Miles.  The fantastic formations of peaks, crystal clear water, spectacular karst caves and the unrivalled high percentage of forest cover will impress you deeply.

Day 05  Zhangjiajie

Continue your tour by sightseeing the Huangshi Village, Golden Whip Stream, Tianzi Mountain. Every rock, crag and gully has been given an elaborate name. The boorish, resonant and vigorous Miao songs accompanied by the obbligato of Mu leaves that soothe your tired body, the brisk enthusiastic and typical dances that in turn unfold the dreams and romances of the kind people, the picturesque scenery and harmonious combination of natural beauty and human civilization that enhance and supplement each other   all of this bewilders your consciousness and makes you fully intoxicated.


Day 06  Zhangjiajie   Chengdu

This morning, fly to Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan Province. Upon arrival visit the Wuhou Shrine, Dufu Thatched House, and enjoy the famous local cuisine in the evening.


Day 07  Chengdu   Jiuzhaigou

Motorcoach to the Fairyland   Jiuzhai Valley, which is famous for its natural wonders in terms of colorful waters appearing to be either magically peacock blue or emerald. All those who encounter it are overwhelmed by the breathtaking beauty of both its landscape and its lakes, springs, waterfalls, streams, rivers and shoals.


Day 08   09  Jiuzhaigou

Start your excursion exploring the fantasy of Jiuzhaigou.  There used to be 9 Tibetan villages and so it is names as Jiuzhai Valley (Nine Stockade Gully). In the Y -shaped valley embraced by green mountains, there are 118 big and small lakes distributed like ladder and 17 waterfalls as well as 11 sections of torrent between the lakes. Five cal sinters connecting each other constitute the natural view feathered by mountain lakes and cal sinters, which is unique in China and rarely-seen worldwide. Sightsee the Long Lake, Five Flower Lake, Pearl Shoal Waterfall, Shuzheng Waterfall, Nuorilang Waterfall, Panda Lake and Mirror Lake etc.


Day 10  Jiuzhaigou   Chengdu

Motorcoach back to Chengdu, tour the Dujiang Dam on the way back. Dujiang Dam is a large-scale irrigation project built in the third century B.C. by the local people under the leadership of Li Bing, the governor of the province, in order to harness the Minjiang River. It is the oldest and the only irrigation project without artificial diversion dam in the world and the irrigation system skillfully takes advantage of the natural topography and the curved water-flowing pattern on the middle reach of the Minjiang River, which guarantees the Chengdu Plain A Land of Abundance .


Day 11  Chengdu   Mt. Huangshan 

Fly to Mt. Huangshan in the morning. Huangshan is the most famous mountain in China, and it is recognized by UNESCO as the rich heritage of mankind.  It has been famous for thousands of years for its unique pine trees, stones of strange shapes, the sea of clouds, and hot springs. Tour the Tunxi Old Town upon arrival.


Day 12  Mt. Huangshan

Take a cable car to the top of the mountain.  Explore the famous peaks such as the Lotus Peak, the Tip of a Magic Writing Brush, and Beginning to Believe Peak etc.  Lotus Flower Peak is the highest peak with an elevation of 6,138 feet. Famous pines such as the "Flying Dragon" and the "Twin Dragons" are found there. From the summit the neighboring peaks look dwarfed and in the distance the whole scene gradually merges into one shade of color.  Rising out of the profusion of trees and flowers, Tip of a Magic Writing Brush  is a pillar of stone tapering into a sharp point on which stands a twisted old pine. People metaphorically describe it as the "Tip of a Magic Writing Brush," that is, a brush painting all the lovely scenes of Mt. Huangshan. Unlike other peaks, Beginning to Believe Peak is small and dainty but has a charm of its own. It is noted for its gorgeous greenery and quaint rock shapes. The beauty of Mt. Huangshan is so captivating that one can't help feeling as if one has stepped into a Chinese landscape paining shouting, "Now I believe." Stay over night at the hotel on top of the mountain. 


Day 13  Mt. Huangshan   Shanghai

Rise early to catch the breath-taking view of the sun rising from the horizon with mountain peaks shrouded in the sea of clouds. Continue the excursion on the Mt. Huangshan. Descend by cable car. Fly to Shanghai in the evening.


Day 14  Shanghai   USA

Transferred to the airport, home your sweet home.


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