3 Days/2 Nights

Day 01   Arrive Harbin, Airport/Train Station pickup

Arrive in Harbin and transfer to your hotel.

Day 02   Harbin (AB, L)
visit Sofia Church,
Central Boulevard, Tiger Garden and Sun Island. (Ice & Snow World and Snow Carving will be arranged in winter)

Day 03   Leave Harbin, Airport/Train Station drop off (AB)

Depart Harbin today, tour guide will transfer us to airport or railway station




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    With a long history, Harbin was the birthplace of Jin and Qing Dynasties. Over 40 nationalities (including Han Nationality) live in the area of Harbin. In the early 20th century, Harbin was an international commercial and trade city, boasting consulates of 16 countries, over 30 foreign companies and more than 60,000 foreigners from 18 countries. In recent years, Harbin has become the largest open city near the border in northeast China

Sofia Church 




Harbin, the northern famous city possesses a unique architectural style. Among the buildings, for the construction of church, no matter its artist level of architecture or its quantity and scale are all- considerable.

They are the important part of Harbin's cultural characteristics and scenic spots. Located at the downtown of Daoli District of Harbin, the Sofia Church was designed by Mr. Keyacikev, the famous Russian architect.

The construction started in September 1923, and it was completed on November 25th, 1932. It has the typical Byzantine's style. The height of the church is 53.35m, the building area is 721sq. m., as the biggest Orthodox Eastern Church of Harbin, with its bright colour, magnanimous momentum, exquisite arrangement and it has become one of the symbolized architectures of Harbin.

The State Council listed it as the State's important preserved architecture in November, 1996. Now the Sofia Church has become the artist museum of construction and also the construction artist square after renovation. It attracts more and more citizens and tourists coming here for sightseeing, visit and taking pictures every day.



Ice and Snow World


Harbin Ice Snow Festival


Harbin Ice and Snow Festival was established in 1985. The festival was set to start on 5th, January every year. It is the first festival named by ice and snow as its main content in Chinese history.

During the period of ice and snow festival, taking the Harbin Ice Lantern Garden Party, the Sun Island Snow Sculpture Garden Party as the main line, meanwhile, to hold winter swimming, ice hockey, alpine skiing, ice sculpture, snow sculpture and other games at home and abroad, and to develop widely a series of activities such as ice and snow culture, ice and snow tour, ice and snow economic and trade, etc. , all these attracted many guests from home and abroad to go sightseeing and to have presence.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is held once a year and it has passed 15 sessions successfully

         Snow Carving


Wonderful Scene of Ice Snow  Festival




Central (Pedestrian) Street 


The Central Street was initially built in 1898, original called "Chinese Street".Later it developed and became the busiest street in downtown.

Its name was changed into "Central Street" in 1925, and we follow this name till now. It starts from Harbin Monument Over Control Flood Victory on the north, till Jingwei Street on the south. The total length is 1450 extended meters, 21.34 meters in width, in which 10.8 meters in width for vehicles with the pavement of built-in square stones.

There are 71 buildings along the both sides of the street with European or in imitation of European architecture, and there are 13 various styles of buildings converged on this street such as the Renaissance, baroque, eclecticism, and modern buildings, which belong to the preserved constructions at municipal level. This street is a rare architectural art gallery in China.

Harbin People's Government defined it as the preserved street in 1986.


         Northeast Tiger Forest Garden


Enjoying Snow

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