3 Days/2 Nights


Day 01 Arrive in Kunming

Airport pick up, and then transfer to your hotel


Day 02 Kunming (AB,L)

Tour Stone Forest, West Hill, Dragon Gate and the Grand View Pagoda.


Day 03 Kunming (AB,L)

Transfer to Airport, depart Kunming






All Season

Single Supp

Jin Hua Hotel

4 star


$ 120


v      Optional tours (with tour guide, Private bus service, admittance): Minority Singing and Dancing Show: $30/person


          It is spring all year round in Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province and a famous historical and cultural city in the center of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau 1,891 metres above sea level, with mild humidity, an average annual temperature of a pleasant 15 degrees Celsius, and flowers blooming in all four seasons. A world-famous tourist resort, Kunming holds such major attractions as Dianchi Lake, West hill, West Hill forest Park, Yunnan thnic Village, Grand View Pavilion, Qiongzhu Temple, Golden Hall, Yuantong Temple, Cuihu Park, and the Garden of the World Horticultural Exposition. The 300-square-km dianchi is Yunnan's largest alpine lake known as "Highland Bright Pearl" for its vast expanse of liquid silver and graceful scenery. Standing by dianchi Lake is Yunnan Ethnic village, a huge congregation of ethnic villages in which visitors are entertained with a diversity of folk singing and dancing and folklore gigs. Dianchi Litself is surrounded by many scenic attractions, including Dianchi National Holiday Resort, West Hill Forest Park, and Grand View Pavilion. China's largest cast-bronze hall is found in Jindian (Golden Hall) Scenic Zone on the camellia-covered Mingfeng Mountain to the northeast of Kunming. From May 1 to October 30, 1999, Kunming was the venue of the last international horticultural exposition, which was a resounding success. The large group of buildings erected for this exhibition are found in the Garden of the World Horticultural Exposition, now open permanently as a new tourist attraction.





Stone Forest 


The Stone Forest of Kunming





Eighty-four km southeast of Kunming is Stone Forest in Shilin (Stone Forest) County, a 350-square-km topographical turmoil wrought by a jungle of 100 or so groups of monoliths in shapes ranging from overhanging cliffs to grotesque boulders. "Number One Bizarre Spectacle Uner Heaven, "as the Stone Forest is nicknamed. The natural spectacle is made all the more alluring by its inhabitants, the Sani people, whose peculiar habits and customs never fail to keep the visitors mesmerized. Grand celebrations are held during the Torch Festival, which falls on the 24th day of the 6th lunar month.



The Dragon Gate in the Western Hills


The Dragon Gate in the Western Hills of Kunming The Dragon Gate in the Western Hills of Kunming



Lying 15 km west of Kunming City, the Dragon Gate in the Western Hills is close to the west shore of the Dianchi Lake. It consists of the Sanqing Temple Complex and the Dragon Gate Grotto Complex. The buildings of the Sanqing Taoist Temple are arranged in nine tiers: They are the Lingguan Hall, the Chunyang Pavilion, the Sanqing Hall, the Yuhuang Temple, the Taiqing Palace, the Zhenwu Hall, the Luzu Temple, the Qisheng Temple, Lingxiao Pavilion, the Laojun Pavilion and the Taiji Palace. The Dragon Gate Grotto Complex, on the other hand, includes Lanhaichu, the Ciyun Cave, the Yunhua Cave and the Datian Pavilion.

The marvelous Dragon Gate Grotto Complex was accomplished through 72 years hard work.(1781-1853). Its consists of 3 parts: a stone archway, a platform, a stone room and a number of sculptures, all carved out of the same rock. It is both the summit of the grotto and the highlight of the grotto as well. The characters "Longmen-Dragon Gate(the sign of the Dragon Gate)" are inscribed in red and gold upon the arch.On the left,a platform surrounded by a stone railing is the ideal place to welcome the wind and to view the bold cliff. When looking far into the distance by the railing, one will be carried away by the beauty of the misty, 500 hundred square kilometers Dianchi Lake: the glistening waves, the sailing boats, the green mountains and the floating clouds.The elevation of the Dragon Gate is over 2,300 meters, 300 meters higher than the water surface of the Dianchi Lake. The scene is well noted for its dangerousness and uniqueness.






Grand View Pagoda 


Daguan Park of Kunming




Daguan Park, located in the southwestern suburb of Kunming City, is a picturesque lakeside park. In the 35th year of Emperor Kangxi(1696),Wang Jiwen, governor of Yunnan, carried out a largescale construction of a two-storyed pavilion. Ponds were dug, embankment was constructed, and trees and flowers were planted. With a good view of the waters and hills in the distance, and the sailing boats and trees in mist, the pavilion was titled Daguan(Grand View) pavilion. In the later years, the Daguan pavilion had twice been reduced to ruins by warfare and flood. In the 9th year of Emperor Guangxu(1883), Chen Yuying, governor of Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces, ordered Monk Xingtian to take charge of the renovation of the pavilion, and the pavilion has remained intact ever since.
Since the Daguan pavilion was built, men of letters coming from far and near have often gathered here, composing and reciting poems. During the past two to three hundred years, many excellent works and poems have been created. Among them, the Long Couplet written by Sun Rangweng has for many years enjoyed the highest reputation around the world.
Daguan Park has become famous due to Sun Rangweng's Long Couplet.







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