4 Days/3 Nights



Day 01 Arrive in Zhangjiajie

Airport picks up, and then transfer to Xianglong International Hotel.


Day 02 Zhangjiajie (AB, L)

Enjoy the beautiful sightseeing in Zhangjiajie, Tianzi Hill (cable car), Huangshizhai (cable car), and stay overnight at Tianzi Hill Hotel in

the national park.


Day 03 Zhangjiajie (AB, L)

Tour the Gold Whip River, Baofeng Lake, and Ten-Mile Picture Corridor. Stay at Xianglong Internationa Hotel


Day 04 Leave Zhangjiajie (AB)

Depart Zhangjiajie, drops off at airport.






Low Season

Single Supp

High Season

Single Supp


XiangLong International Hotel


Tianzi Hill Hotel

4 star


3 star


$ 100


$ 120

v      High season Apr, May, Sep, Oct



          Zhangjiajie, a northwest Hunan city 400 km from Changsha, is the site of the national Wulingyuan scenic resort, the first in China to be endorsed by UNESCO as a world natural heritage. The resort covers more than 500 square km and consists of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and two nature reserves-Suoxi Gully and Tianzi Mountain. With an unmatched sandy quartzie and karst landform, the resort is a sublime configuration of mountains, rivers, wood and caves. Major sights: Yellowstone Village, Golden Whip Stream, Tianzhi Mountain, Yellow Dragon Cave, Baofeng Lake and Maoyan River. Zhangjiajie International Forest Protection Festival is an annual event which takes place every September.


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park




Zhjiajie,or Qingyan Moutin, is the fist national forest park in China with an area of more than 130 square kilometresZhjiajie is featured bu strangress, secludedness and beauty with its rock, water and forests. Zhjiajie is a rocky mountain with thousands of various peaks.

As to water, the mountain stream and undercurrent converge into pipa Stream,Golden whip Stream,Kuangdong Stream;four baisha spring, and two flying waterfalls, 97.7%of Zhangjiajie'sarea is coverde by trees. There are complete primitive secondary forests here,teserving many ancinet precious trees as well as animals.lt is a naturl zoolog ical and botanical garden.




Tianzishan Scenic zone (Gondola included)




The area of Tianzishan Scenic Zone is65square kilometres. The major peak is 1256 metres high.

In this zone,there is one overline bridge, two heavenly ponds,three ancient temples , four heavnly gates , five spilling springs , six cave-dwellings, over eighty soght-seeing stands aloft and scores of flying watereflls . With its charm of combined secludedness, wildness, mysteriourness, strangness and beautym it attracts tourists all over the world by showing its glamour at different seasons and moments.

Because Tianzi Mountain is the peak of Wulingyuan, tourists may enjoy the scenery by looking around.Not only are the rocky mountains extraordinary,but the various clouds such as cloud fog,cloud sea, cloud waves,cloud waterfalls are relacing and joyful.










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